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Newcastle Deck and Water Feature

Nestled in a quiet corner of Newcastle, this home, originally built in the early 1990s, had started to show its age and felt somewhat disconnected from its beautiful wooded surroundings. The existing deck, was cedar and had structural damage to the supporting posts. By doubling the deck space with new Trex construction, we provided the room they needed for their outdoor living space while also creating a sense of floating amidst the surrounding trees. To enhance the outdoor experience further, we designed a Water Feature by re-contouring the front yard for a hidden waterfall.  The gentle sound of flowing water now graces the front of the home, and as visitors approach the entrance, they are pleasantly surprised by the sight of the waterfall. The natural beauty of the water feature and garden create a peaceful retreat right at their doorstep.

Garden Shed

Renton Garden Shed

This couple are avid gardeners and beekeepers who needed a place for all of their tools and supplies.  They wanted the garden shed to blend in with and complement their garden themed yard.  Their vision became reality with this one of a kind shed, complete with potting station and tool storage.  The large double doors provide easy access.  Topping it off is a living roof planted with hardy succulents that can weather the hot and exposed surface while providing beautiful flowers in the spring. 

Wine Cellar

Bellevue Wine Cellar

This one of a kind project required us to flex our creative muscle. The original space was completely unfinished,  lacking drywall and having pipes and wires protruding everywhere. We started by removing a window, then installed a barrel ceiling complete with crown molding and indirect lighting. Speakers were then hidden behind the racking and a large humidor fitted seamlessly into the arrangement. A new floor was laid and a custom hardwood door with wrought-iron and glass inlay installed. With room for nearly 2200 bottles it quickly became the focal point of the home. 

Garage Hardscape

Renton Garage & Hardscape

This was a couples first home and they had really wanted to make it theirs. Built in the 1940's, the yard needed a good refresh, and the garage was collapsing. After jacking up the garage roof and installing new steal support posts, a new floor was poured, and new garage doors installed. The exterior was then waterproofed and clad in stone. Finally, we added a matching arbor and railing blending it seamlessly with the existing structure. 


A new entry walkway was needed, both for safety and aesthetics.  We installed 4' wide stone steps inset in a new rock wall. We coordinated with the city to rebuild the retaining walls, removing nearly 100 cubic yards of dirt to terrace and reshape the front yard.


Toping it all off is the plantings, and these go on endlessly. From unique forest pansies to a rare yellow magnolia and lilies not often seen; this front yard is a showstopper. The stairs are flanked with a variety of creeping thyme that bloom vibrant pinks in the summer and is evergreen year-round.

Bathroom Remod

Newcastle Bathroom Remodel

Beautify on a budget. This customer was wanted to update the master and hall bathrooms.   Together we planned out exactly what that looked like for them, incorporating dynamic and vibrant tile designs. Critical to their vision was removing the tub insert that had been in the  hallway bath and replacing it with  a walk in shower, making the space feel larger and more luxurious. To stay in budget, we repainted and retiled the existing vanity in the hallway bathroom but went all-out luxury in the master bath with Italian marble tile with glass inserts on the floor and shower and a fully custom-built vanity topped with marble counter.